2.006 - Building Wealth with Real Estate - Tips and Insights from Brett Riggins

October 05, 2023 Coach JPMD Season 2 Episode 6
2.006 - Building Wealth with Real Estate - Tips and Insights from Brett Riggins
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We are back with another episode of the PRACTICE: IMPOSSIBLE Podcast! Brett Riggins is an entrepreneur, musician, author, and real estate investment advisor, and he and Coach JPMD dive deep into a topic that's close to every doctor's heart – how to avoid breaking the bank. Brett shares his insights on helping physicians break free from the dreaded burnout mindset and find their groove again. You won't want to miss out on his powerful advice!

Ever wondered why personal development is often seen as a self-realization journey? Well, Brett reveals the one thing that can help physicians shift their mindset. It's a game-changer, folks, so be sure to tune in and discover the secret for yourself!

But wait, there's more! Brett also enlightens us on how to kick-start a real estate journey as a physician. If you're a doctor dreaming of owning investment property, then this episode is tailor-made for you. Grab your favorite drink, cozy up in your comfiest chair, or queue up the episode during your work-out and get ready for a riveting conversation with Brett. You won't regret it!

Show Notes


Intro  0:00  
Welcome to the Practice Impossible Podcast. We're your host, Jude Pierre MD, also known as Coach JPMD discusses medical practice topics that will guide you through the maze that is the business of medicine, and teach you how to increase profits and help populations live long. Your mission should you choose to accept is to listen and be transformed. Now, here's your host, Coach JPMD.

Coach JPMD  0:24  
So today we're with Brett Riggins

Brett Riggins  0:27  
Here I am 

Coach JPMD  0:28  
Here to talk about real estate. And I had the opportunity of being on his podcast actually a couple of weeks ago. And I it was a great conversation. And, you know, one of my most downloaded podcasts was about real estate, commercial real estate and how physicians can benefit from it. So we are happy to have you. And you know, you're, you're a musician, like I am probably more professional than I am, but and your your a dad, and entrepreneur, you're your book writer, and I did actually download your book on Kindle. So that was actually pretty good. I haven't read it yet. But we can talk about some of the chapters I saw that I'd love for our audience to hear about. So tell us about yourself. Tell us about what you do. And what brings you to the practice impossible podcast.

Brett Riggins  1:19  
Yeah, um, um, man, I'm living life by design. And I thank you, JP, for having me on on your show. Because this is exactly. It exemplifies that. So what I get to do every day, and is what I choose to do. And I love that and being on the show is one of those things to share my experiences and share the knowledge of resources that we've put together through the years and I've been blessed with. So thank you for that. Thank you to all the listeners out there for consistently tuning into JP here and, and just grabbing grabbing on to something and take an action. And that's what it's all about. So thanks, JP, thanks to the listeners. And, man just a little bit about me and my background. I started off in construction. Music has always been this underlying foundation, through through time and in the beginning. You know, it was something that took me away from other priorities in my life, it was a passion it is a passion I still hold on to it eventually had led me to a show that I was paid to play that that's where JPs that calls me a professional that was paid to play music, I knew I knew is gonna lead me somewhere big. And it actually led me to a party that we were hired to play where I first met my wife. And so music led me to, to the greatest thing that's happened to me in my life. So I met my wife through music. through that journey. I started with construction, man from everything under the concrete to above the shingles. I studied construction management, engineering, architectural engineering, in school. And I never wanted to be the dude that drew the pictures and said, Go do it, it works. I drew it, go do it. So I wanted to experience everything hands on. And I've I've had the privilege and blessing of doing things that I've never want to do again, and doing things that I enjoy doing, just to give me a little bit of idea. But most of all help build that understanding in media that I don't know everything. I don't ever want to know everything. But I want to continue working on myself so I can ask the best questions.

Coach JPMD  3:25  
So So what do you do now? So what do you do 

Brett Riggins  3:29  
Man just walk around and smile all day. That's me, JP, a guy. I have a few different companies. My main, my main focus is real estate. My lane is single family residential. Now I've got experience across the board, I do not have any apartment buildings yet. I know that's in the works. I know that's something that's laid out for our path. But man, just real estate investing, consulting, that kind of thing. I just I'm passionate to keep growing myself, and then share my experiences and resources with everybody. Because when we teach we learn, and I absolutely love that.

Coach JPMD  4:10  
Absolutely. And so, you know, we talked about a little bit about your book. And one of the chapters I saw the book was avoid getting poor, the chapter on avoid getting poor. 

Brett Riggins  4:20  

Coach JPMD  4:21  
Well, you know, haven't read it yet. But if you can give us some snippets, because I think there were some seven things that you we should not do or we should do. As physicians. 

Brett Riggins  4:31  
Yeah, I think just a summary of some of the, the best things to to know is what not to do. So when we're looking at things of and this goes gonna go across the board, you don't the book is actually the name of the book is how to get rich as a doctor, right? And I tell all of my friends and colleagues, you don't have to necessarily be a physician for these principles to take effect. So when we're looking at this, what are the things that I don't want to do in order to get the thing that I want, right. So some of the things that we're looking at, we're gonna go for physicians but across the board for everybody. And, you know, the really the big the first thing that jumps out in my mind JP is kind of like a lifestyle creep when it comes to physicians, particularly, and this lifestyle creep of kind of like chasing after what everybody else has, or what this persona has of being a doctor. So as you go from, you know, a low paid or no paid, kind of residency, low end kind of thing, and then all of a sudden, you're a physician and you're making good pay, well, we have the tendency for things to expand to the limits that we give them. So all of a sudden, I have a new car, I'm buying a house, you know, on top of all of the stuff with the massive amounts of, of education debt that physicians will come through. And again, just for the listeners, so the listeners know, I am not a physician, I've not been through that path. I've I've been through the education path, but I've never called it an education career, or a career education, I've never had that extent. So I cannot speak directly to it. I'm only speaking from the outside looking in. But this creep happens all along while having this burdensome amount of debt from for many, and it's just something we're living up to, to either impress somebody else, or to reach these goals that we've set in our mind of what we should be as a doctor. You know what I mean?

Coach JPMD  6:38  
I should know what you mean, because I was there. I was one of those guys. Yeah. Oh, you know, I had to, I had to have a nice car, I had to have the, you know, the real estate, I was flipping houses coming out of residency, and I had $150,000 of debt. 

Brett Riggins  6:54  
Oh, yeah, 

Coach JPMD  6:54  
Years ago. So I hear it. And a lot of our our guests have said the same thing. My accountants have said the same thing, people who work physicists, with other physicians and healthcare providers. But what do you think is a common theme in that notion that they have to you have to have a nice house live in a nice neighborhood and, you know, go to private school,

Brett Riggins  7:17  
Conditioning, it's conditioning, it's what it's what it's that we care what other people think of us, in the regard of this is, this is what everybody thinks that a doctor should be, or a doctor's car should be. And we're conditioned, whether it's in our upbringing, in the things we see on TV, in print ads, or whatever, it's conditioned into us. And we know and I hear from so many physicians, so I love speaking to younger physicians, especially coming out, you know, just getting introduced into the career of this fallacy that physicians are wealthy, and from the outside, outside looking in, it's I'm conditioned to think that physicians are wealthy, well, guess what, you're not, you're not, uh, you come out and you are buried, right? You're buried in debt, you're buried, and in a potential burnout situation that you're building, like, there's so much going on in your life, and we just, we're just conditioned, we we think that physicians are wealthy. So it's like, you've got to live up to this, I've got to drive that nice car, I've got to have this million dollar house, you know, the, in even having this experience, myself, JP, this house that I'm standing in right now, we bought from physicians, they they moved in, moved into, you know, a bigger house or whatever. So in my mind, I'm on oh, I live in a house a physician with this, this conditioning that we all live in, I know being on the inside now, that's not exactly the track. But it's it's just ingrained the human nature to live up to this picture that we've made up in our mind.

Coach JPMD  8:51  
And so where do you see it changing? Or how do you see it changing in the future? Because, you know, we what we want to do is provide physicians an avenue and and what do you think is the one thing that you can help physicians understand that can get them out of that mindset? 

Brett Riggins  9:08  
Yeah, I would push back on the idea of personal development in and of itself, and personal development is going to be self realization. And first of all, in order for me to know where I want to go, where am I at? Where am I starting? So like this idea that oh, like if the listeners are seeing this on doctors car? Yeah, I've heard that before. Oh, that house, right. If you're feeling this, then understanding that that's where we're standing at right now. So this idea of self realization that pick out this a this does not have to be me, this is not me, this is not what I want to do. Then we can start having a discussion of okay, where do we want to go? And with that, and guard with that perspective, who do I need to become in In order to get to where I want to go, that's a key piece. And JP, that's, you know, when you have all these discussions about wealth and in passion and all this stuff as the numbers go away, when we're talking about who we need to become, in order to reach those goals, whether it is a number, or a direction or a passion. So I think that's the biggest point is having that time in your schedule, whether it's monthly, weekly, even yearly to say, Where am I at? Where do I want to be? And who do I need to become to get there, there was I just looked this up, there's a quote and that beginning of that chapter, avoid getting poor. If you don't make time to work on creating the life you want, you're eventually going to be forced to spend a lot of time dealing with the life you don't want. That makes sense.

Coach JPMD  10:51  
So yeah, yep, so true. And there are the people that are not going to help you get there, either. Because they're going to be people who are going to throw things at you and say, Hey, you got to do this. And, you know, you don't need to put any money down on this property. And you don't need to, you know, we'll give you the money to buy this, or we'll help you invest this. Never working on the person's doctor's personal finances, or even their personal health, their well being, 

Brett Riggins  11:18  

Coach JPMD  11:18  
their physical health, their spiritual health. I mean, it's all about work, work, work, work, work. And what I find is, once they get to purchase these investments and these things, then, you know, sometimes the investments don't go well. And then they have to work more to pay off the investments. 

Brett Riggins  11:37  

Coach JPMD  11:37  
And that working more causes more stress on them and the families, and 100% gets burned up

Brett Riggins  11:44  
in so much of that burnout conversation that that I've I've been engaged in. So my burnouts a little different. It's not as a physician, but it's related more to a high performance. And there's so many I'm sure the listeners out there today, who will hit that high performance target. So burnout can happen to many of us. And one of the crucial things is really JP is understanding, the ability to say no, and I've heard it so many times, no, is no should be a complete sentence, I shouldn't have to explain to your myself to you. And I say no, but so many of those things align with not only in the practice, but in investments in life in general to because you know, if you're a go getter, if you're hungry, you're getting after it, you're just, you're taking everything you can to learn the experience and grow. And then that's where this, this, you're creating this machine that's going to eat you. And that all that absolutely aligns with investments too. And I thing that pops into my mind is just encouraging everybody to just keep that perspective of not buying yourself a job, when you're investing in real estate, especially when you say, oh, I can do that. You know that that equals you creating work for yourself, oh, I can take care of that. Oh, I can do that. Right? When it comes down to property management, making any kind of repairs, chasing after rents, going to the acquisition process 

Coach JPMD  13:10  
and own accounting? 

Brett Riggins  13:11  
Yeah, accounting? Absolutely. I can do that. I can handle that. There's no reason why I can't do that. Right? You can. But do you want to right? Where's the value exchange for that? Let's let's put this together. So everything is even in the investing world, everything we touch, you should be looking looking at it as a business owner, not as an employee of what you're doing. Because we are all shooting for this, this direction to stop trading time for money. It's just a big piece to keep that in perspective, being able to say no, and aligning things with that back to that beginning, understanding where you're at and where you're going. And if Who do I need to become to get to where I'm going? Does that include me? Changing out light bulbs or fixing toilets or doing your own accounting? Right? Is that does that need to be me there?

Coach JPMD  13:59  
Yeah. So where? How do you start with a physician so a physician comes to you and they know that you're you're the your guru in real estate? And do you flip houses? Do you buy and hold your rent? What is what is the main objective that you would want a physician to understand from you?

Brett Riggins  14:18  
Yeah, I want them to understand where they're at first. It's having like a conversation like this. It's great. I love podcasts because it's people just open up on podcasts. And I appreciate it so much. I've learned so much through it, but those are the kind that's the kind of the conversation that I want to have with someone I need to connect with you. Because I'm not here. Obviously, the companies make money. You know, that's it's for profit. The biggest connection is is sharing the resources with everybody. Not everybody is going to be able to work with us. We've got a company called physician wall systems. It is the higher end 100% Done For You portfolio building is is different. It's not turnkey investments. This is As a turnkey portfolio, we're recreating that real estate business for you. But that conversate that everybody's got their own journey that's not gonna align for everybody. So we need to have these deep conversations first for me to understand, where are you at? Where do you want to go? And in that journey, can we bring you that value? Somewhere along the line JP, no matter what you tell me, I want to have something for you. I want to have like on the front end, if you say I just, you know, I'm interested in, in real estate getting know little more about maybe single families. Well, that platform, the byproduct of physician wealth systems, is this knowledge resource. And that's real estate residency, that's something we've put together and I, I'm passionate about just giving all of this stuff away and say, Hey, this is this is exactly how we do this. This is what we're doing. Because then you can start seeing the opportunities that right in front of you. You know, we'll we'll get this question a lot of where should I start? Well, if if, if the the single family solution aligns with your values and your time, and you have this perspective, to look at it as a business, not another job, start writing your hometown, you you know, the neighborhoods you know, the markets, you have an idea of who owns a house over here. So you've got the opportunity to start there. And if you're talking about one house is two houses four, you're not going to the markets not going to drive your drive your returns, like if you're building portfolios, you know what I mean?

Coach JPMD  16:35  
So you're Where are you located? I had conversations and I forgot, I don't think I ever asked you.

Brett Riggins  16:41  
Yeah, I'm, I'm, I'm so happy to be in the Carolinas. I was born and raised in Michigan. And I tell everybody, I've scraped my last windshield. I shoveled my last driveway. I'm good palm trees and sunshine for me.

Coach JPMD  16:55  
So would you would you recommend real estate in another state? investing in real estate in another state?

Brett Riggins  17:02  
Yeah, so we went virtual. Just before COVID. My acquisition company connect homebuyers were nationwide. So we were acquiring wholesaling, flipping, we call a whole tailing full on flips, all over the United States, we had our pockets of our, our big markets, it comes down to the risk tolerance of each person. And again, that first section of self realization is the values and the time that you have to invest in us, if you're able to build relationships, have the time to build those relationships, then boots on the ground is something that you get through relationship building, right? It's not the actual virtual my feet on the ground, I've done so many houses, so so many houses through the years where I've never even seen them, I've never been to them, you know, so it is possible, but it comes down to the person, I would highly encourage the ability to invest in other markets, if you're doing this as a business, because we want scalable solutions that align with your values and your time. And in order to hit the most effective, I say bang for your buck, it's probably not going to be in your backyard.

Coach JPMD  18:16  
I see. So So you're looking at. So you're in North Carolina, if someone calls you and says they want to, you know, understand what you do and teach and get taught, you know about real estate investment? Would you then connect them with the houses? Would you be like a broker of those houses? Or you you point them in the right direction?

Brett Riggins  18:39  
Great question. Great question. So I'm right now I'm at like two ends of the spectrum. I my experience. And my resources in real estate has led me I am licensed in South Carolina, I'm licensed in Tennessee, my wife is licensed in Michigan. So on the front end of this thing, when you say teach, it's giving away these resources. So it's a less one on one, I've got weekly call reviews, or weekly deal reviews that we do my Acquisition Manager, I'll meet and we'll every week we go live and record the actual views, the deals that we're reviewing. And that's more of a general education type approach. On the other end of that spectrum was physician wall systems where I'm not necessarily teaching you how to go out and find these things. I'm building your real estate investment business. So we're creating the systems, the processes, the procedures, and the relationships allow you to have this business that functions without you. And in that regard, my acquisition company may go out find these deals, will actually put them in contract will assign them to the physicians entity that we've helped them set up. I'm not an attorney. I can't give them any legal advice. We help them get this set up. We assign that to them. We then renovate it with our team We get it, refinance. So it connects you with our lenders. And then the physician gets it refinance. And then our property management team, professional property management team in the area, we'll get the tenants marketed, and filtered out and get it stabilized. So we completely stabilized a cash flowing asset for the physician with 100% ownership, they get all the values of owning it. And I would say 95% of the stress free piece of it. So there's no such thing as passive 100% passive income. And it's just creating this business that allows you to step away from the as much as the active as possible.

Coach JPMD  20:45  
So I got approached by a REIT was almost like a REIT. But his private REIT, they're selling a house right next door to us. They bought the house for I think, a million dollars, and it was a fixer up, but they put half a million dollars in the fix up. And I'm not saying any names, but you know, I just looked at the process. And I said, What are they doing? This is bad that has been on the market for about three, four months? 

Brett Riggins  21:12  

Coach JPMD  21:12  
How do you differ? How are you different? How are you different than a, a company like that or like that?

Brett Riggins  21:18  
A big, biggest things that jumped into my mind are the product and the purpose, the product of what we're doing is a long term, hold on. So it's going to be held by and the equity 100% by the physician for a long term basis. It's not a killer, neat scenario, if I'm flipping properties, I call that kill any, because I've got to, I've got to get it and then consume it. And I gotta go get it again, when we're setting up is long term, whether whether we're doing short term, we do short term a Airbnbs, as well as long term rentals. This is generational wealth that we're setting up. And with 100% ownership, not only do you get that cash flow, and the equity of the call the stackable returns of single family residential, the principal pay down as the tenant pays the rent is going to pay down the principal which directly goes to your financial statement as equity. In your net worth, you're going to get cash flow, obviously, the arbitrage the difference of the expenses, you're going to get depreciation, so probably not likely, we're going to get depreciation in REITs. But then we can just implement accelerated currently accelerated depreciation via cost segregation. And then there's always appreciation. And remember, I'll put projections in for the first year of stabilization. And these projections are going to dramatically dramatically increase. And if for the listeners not seeing me draw my I think it's a parabolic curve, right, this thing is just going to go up massively, as it goes on. And just think of generational as this is happening, or even in your generation, JP, the the equity in this the cash flow is increasing the property value, rents are going up. So this is more than just a boon Killiney kind of thing. That's, that's the product. And the purpose of this is it goes beyond that into why are you doing this, right? The, the long term solution is a little different. And that's going to that's going to hit a little different for every listener out there of the why behind it. For me, I'm passionate about this, and I just love the first time I learned about leveraging capital to have it service basically by rent of secured by tangible asset. I just shook my world. So I was passionate about building this. And then as a high performance thing I was okay, do more, do more, do more. But now I can do it better, better and better. So I'm providing the best possible house for a family at the top market ray. So for me, that's a big piece of the value that aligns with me, but it may be different for everybody else. And then to set it up to say, alright, what's this going to look like? 10 years 15 years so there's just more to it, you know, so product and purpose are the biggest things that jumped out to me. 

Coach JPMD  24:14  
Yeah, that's a that's a great explanation to and you mentioned Airbnb so I have to kind of throw that out there what what do you mean by you have some Airbnbs are some of those properties rented in an Airbnb situation? And do you manage those those listings?

Brett Riggins  24:29  
I don't man right now I'm manage everything but I manage the managers of everything if that makes sense. Because when we started off, you know with this guitaring and on my wall, I was sleeping on couches, I didn't have any money and all this stuff. I didn't have any of that. So I learned blood sweat and tears. I learned by sweat equity. I learned by going to court and small claims. I you know, there's so many things that I learned through the years of doing this. Now, physician wall systems were I like to do is maybe we do 12 properties in 12 months. And what I like to do is throw an Airbnb in there to kind of diversify a little bit. And it's a little bit of a different product too, because then we get to have a more, more in depth renovation, we have more depth, actually, because that's more hospitality than than it is having a place to rent. So I love to diversify with that a little bit. And Memphis is one of the markets we're in. And we just recently have worked with a St. Jude guest. And that, to me shook my core. So that's really cool. And getting to care for that family coming through there is so, so cool. And in our own portfolios, we have we have a few different mixed use commercial buildings. So they'll have retail on the main level, and then apartments above. I love those. I love those assets. And we'll do Airbnbs in those apartments. And just on an average that we can easily double our income, our actual net income on Airbnb, so short term versus long term. And even in the municipalities where they call midterm, where it's 30 day minimum stays, we still double our net income on on that type of state, also allowing us to control the types of tenants that we have coming in. So say for a one bedroom apartment in southwest Michigan. I was maybe getting 650 to where now in Airbnb, I'm doing probably closer to 2000. And it for 30 day rental. And but you know, I'm paying maybe 150, even $200 a month in expenses. On top of that it's still yielding a way better return.

Coach JPMD  26:55  
Oh, that's fascinating, because we're looking at an Airbnb right now much for ourselves. And you just that just popped in my mind when you mentioned St. Jude's, we're right by hospital. Could we serve not only you know, the staff, the nurses traveling nurses, but can we also serve patients? Yeah, that's that's, that's a really, really good idea.

Brett Riggins  27:16  
Yep. Yeah. And there's we get a lot of like the traveling nurse, medicine type of clients out in these for the 30 day minimum stays. So

Coach JPMD  27:30  
it's such a wealth of information. And so what do you do aside from playing music? What are the things you do? Now you mentioned, you're married and a kid?

Brett Riggins  27:43  
Yep, I've got two children, my daughter is going to turn nine, in the end of August here in a few weeks, and her and I are on a business trip out to actually the Memphis market this week. So she's going out there with me, we're going to meet with our team, that we've got a couple clients flying in as well, too. So we're excited about that. My son is 10. And yeah, this just, it's just a joy. Like right now you can see, this studio is in my home office, which is my home. And I just get to me, I just do what I love every single day. And one of those things I get the question a lot is like what is wealth? What is wealth to you? What is freedom to you. And I say every single day, it's what I get up and I do what I love. And one of the things that I love is real estate and doing this so I spent a lot of time doing this. But it's it's it's intentional time. So my day may consist of eight hours of work, but it may start at five in the morning till nine in the morning and then maybe break for a couple hours, you know, go out or you know, go to the gym. I just get to do what I want to do when I want to do it. So therefore I am wealthy. Right. One other thing that I love doing is the gym. I absolutely love the gym. I did something called 75 Hard couple years ago now changed my life changed my life. Are there any listeners out there? Who have heard of this? You should have done it already? But if you haven't, I'm gonna say yeah, man 75 Hard. Take a look at it. And the biggest piece of this when I explained to this, this to you are you might groan and moan a little bit but if it triggers something in you, the biggest thing is taking action. That action will trigger compounding effects the rest of your life I promise you. So 75 Hard is put together I think, Andy for Zillow. Now he's got a potty mouth. So I would I would caution that but he's a high performance guy. He's personal development. I'm not sure if Ed my let had something to do with this or not either. So here we go. 75 heart it's 75 days of a challenge. And this challenge has a few things that you've got to do each day. Now, if you miss one of these things, you got to go back to 70, you got to go back to the first day to hit your 75 again. So here are some things that I did that changed my life consistently, I still do them, this will just lead me into loving to work out and be healthy and eat differently. So the first thing is you got to be on a diet. It can be any diet, but it has to be a consistent diet, you can't have any cheat meals, there's no alcohol, you can't have any alcohol at all, you have to drink one gallon of water a day, which seems challenging at first, especially for smaller people, that's really challenging. You have to read 10 pages of nonfictional of a nonfiction book every single day 10 pages, you have to take a picture of yourself every single day. And the final thing is you have to exercise twice a day for 45 minutes at a time. And yes, one of them has to be outside. So when you hear all of this, it's like, wow, this is a crazy challenge. But what happened to me JP, in this process, and this was it was exactly two years ago, I believe. Man, I became a better father, I became a better husband, I became a better leader, I became a better person, which enabled me to do all of those things. So the consistency that I built focusing on myself. And we talked about that self realization, step I was journaling every single day. And just man, the steps and improvements that I made as a person are mind blowing, absolutely mind blowing. So I started, you know, being the highest high performance person, I started pairing some things together. So if I've got to exercise two times a day, which gets fun when you travel, too, because I was doing 45 minute exercises inside the airport, all kinds of stuff. But we would do family walks. So 45 minutes, I had a scheduled time, every single day with my family that I never had before. We ended up getting bicycles for the kids, getting passes to parks, all kinds of things because of this challenge. So what else is going to happen in that 45 minutes of time with your family every single day you're going to communicate, you're going to get back to things in connection in ways that you you hadn't before, and pair that off of the compounding effect of 10 pages of nonfiction, choose some books that that makes you a better person that make you a better father, that help you get more self realization. So 75 hard, is something that will change your life. And it has changed my life. And I will be a evangelist, I think if that's the word for it, I don't get paid for it. I have nothing to do for it, I promise you. But the being able to pay it forward is massive, and the change that makes in your life. So if you're listening to this, the biggest thing is to search it you can google search 75 hard and do it start tomorrow. I had no idea what keto was JP. And we went on it. And you know, at that time, I'm like, Okay, we picked 21 carbs when he won carbs for the whole day. So we ended up losing a lot of weight, which in changed, we were hangry a lot. So my wife and I were doing at the same time, which I highly encourage, if you've got family, they've got to be part of this. You got to have a support team. But I lost 40 pounds that first time. And I didn't even like there was a point where I was like, Okay, I wasn't super overweight, but it was maybe a little heavier than what I should have. I was happy. Let's say that it was happy until I had to do something. But now I absolutely love like for me to get to the to the gym. I absolutely love it. I actually see a lot of physicians there as well, too. You know, in the gym, but man, it's just something I get away. I free my mind. I sit in a sauna. I love it.

Coach JPMD  34:05  
You know, I don't think we can we can say any more after that, because that was so much. Because that's transformative, which you just described as a transformative experience yet, if we all did something similar to that I might have less patients as well. Yeah, my patients will be healthy.

Brett Riggins  34:23  
Yes, you'd have less patients but more patients. There's the word play for you. You have everything in there. You seem like a very patient person, man, for sure. I'm sure.

Coach JPMD  34:32  
Well, I was so happy for this discussion. And this is more than I expected. Especially the 75 hard. Yeah, where do we find you? How do we how do we get more of you?

Brett Riggins  34:42  
Great question. I think physician while is the best spot that's kind of like the central hub and you can find everything on there. There's a free 30 day pass into this real estate residency into the listeners. It's always free. But I try to give you some motivation to get out there and get it so there's there's access to me 100% I'm doing one on ones you can do with me and again just so I can connect with you have a conversation with you because everybody's journey is going to be a little bit different. So where can we bring you value physician wall systems? Is that hub for everything you can find the podcast there real estate mogul MD. JP was on there the last week or the week before? Absolutely love that show. man Yeah, and all the the Instagram if there any Instagramers out there and Brett is this nnB r e t t. But everything is connected. Our team has the total cohesive package around everything that can be found at physician wealth Also JP sent you.

Coach JPMD  35:47  
And I will. I'm not an affiliate. So I put that disclaimer out. I just want to provide information for our physician so that they can practice and pop. Absolutely. And all this. All these links will be in our show notes. And if you haven't yet done so leave a review for us. We want to hear more from our audience and what you want to hear about what you want to want us to talk about so we appreciate our audience listening in and watching now because now we're video. We're video podcast, though. Oh, it is.

Brett Riggins  36:20  
So I should have wore my suit. No, no, that is my suit. This is my suit. I wear T shirts every single day. 

Coach JPMD  36:27  
You know, I don't know why I don't have t shirts, but I think we're gonna get some T shirts. And so to think about what I'm gonna wear for these videos.

Brett Riggins  36:35  
Yes, I have like 30 of the same T shirts. Just Boom. Done.

Coach JPMD  36:39  
Thank you again Brett and it's been awesome. Thank you.

Brett Riggins  36:42  
Man. Thank you, JP I really appreciate it one more last boughs to the listeners out there. If you go to Spotify, or Apple those are the sure the biggest two spaces make sure to leave a star rating on there a note on the Apple podcast section. It just really helps everybody out. I know JP has got it going on. So jump on there. Leave him a review, drop a five star review in there. And yeah, thanks for listening. Thanks, JP. Appreciate you, man. Thank you